Men Wearing Head Wraps Is Part Of Black Culture Says Riky Ricky

Riky Rick is very fashion forward and was the best dressed at the MAMA’s for many. Riky Rick noticed how Tbo Touch was made fun off after attending the MAMA’s wearing a white head wrap.

Everybody hated on Tbo Touch for embracing our diversity:

Riky tweett

“We need to open our minds people. To be called “gay” for wearing something that has been there since the beginning of black culture is a bad sign of where we are as a people” said Riky.

Riky Rick  dressing1


“For some of those who don’t know any better, you can still learn. But some of you have learnt and have no excuse to share such a high level of ignorance… OPEN YOUR MINDS BLACK PEOPLE. BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.”:

Riky Rick fb post

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