Check Out AKA’s Interview On Cliff Central

Prince Costinyo has pulled out all the stops and has brought in one of SA’s biggest rappers, know to his friends as ‘Supa Mega’, AKA is in studio for this edition of Squad Goals. They talk about about their friendship, his music, the crazy times they’ve had and of course the annual All White Party.

AKA Kellman

“Music is a spiritual thing, when you are in the studio, when you are on the stage you go through a spiritual experience” said AKA. “I bring happiness to people’s lives, I make people happy and when people have problems they can turn on my music and feel happy.”

“I want to create opportunities for people” AKA explained. “I have this guy who was playing keys in church for the longest time and now he travels everywhere with me, his my music director because he skills that I needed we gave him opportunities” said the Supa Mega. Check out the full interview below:

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