Fifi Cooper Talks About Not Sleeping And How It Has Helped Her Career

Fifi Cooper has been chasing her dream to be a musician since she was a little girl. The Metro FM Awards winner used to sing for her dad and realised that he actually liked it so she started taking it seriously and this helped her develop her craft.

fifi cooper em

The self-proclaimed Motswako’s First Lady lived up to the title by becoming the first Motswako lady to win a Metro Award and to make it worse Fifi walked away with 3 big awards which is a major milestone for Motswako.

“When I look back at what I’ve achieved, it’s unbelievable. But truth be told I’ve worked really hard over the last year. I can count on my hand how many days in the last year I have actually slept, that’s how focused and busy I’ve been with trying to get to this point,” s Cooper in  an interview with The Juice.

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