“You Will Now address Me As The King Of Pop” Says AKA

AKA came into the game in 2011 with what was accepted by rap fans and the community as a whole. The Supa Mega has been on a mission to change the game with his music but with these ambitions comes a whole new perspective.

aka king of pop3

AKA is known for being a perfectionist when it comes to his music and all but 2016 seems like the year we are going to see a different AKA. The rapper is currently working on his third studiom album which is due mid year. In 2014 AKA released an album which had samples taken from House music. A lot of people don’t realised how much he changed the game until realising that it’s 2016 and the biggest song in the country, “Ngud'” by Kwesta was sampled of a DJ Ganyani track

“I no longer want to be confined by the boundaries and expactions that come with being labelled “RAP” or Hip Hop artist.” We all know that the rapper is a die hard Micheal Jackson fan and has decided to be addressed as the King Of Pop:

The King Of Pop:

aka king of pop1

I no longer want to be confined:

aka king of pop2

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