DJ Vigilante Releases Artwork And Title For The Nasty C, K.O & AKA Collab

DJ Vigilante has announced the titled for his upcoming single featuring AKA, K.O and Nasty C. Vigi is one Dj who is known for being respected in the industry. The superstar DJ has obviously been at this for a long time but the power he has in the industry is totally undeniable.

DJ vigi record

In 2015 word on the street was there was beef between AKA and Nasty C after Nasty C opened up about how his relationship with AKA played out. After the interview we were all under the assumption that there was beef between the rappers but clearly that’s not the case.

K.O is known for not just doing features but VigiĀ is one DJ who just knows how to convince people to do things. The highly anticipated DJ Vigilante record is titled Bangout and will be out in the next couple of weeks. Check out the artwork below!



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