“If I became president, I’d make everyone a millionaire” – iFani

iFani says if he became president he would make everyone a millionaire. iFani has been in the game for a while and we have been awarded the opportunity to watch the hitmaker grow. The rapper is more than just a rapper but an intellectual genius who has managed to diversify his talents.

ifani pres

We saw iFani become the first South African rapper to ever go Gold on the first day of his sophomore album’s release.  The rapper surprisingly went off the radar after the success of his sophomore album which he was meant to be promoting.

The rapper was involved in several confrontations with his peers and that’s when it became clear that he was going through things. iFani has since come back as a new man with a new perspective and it’s exciting to see the brother living his best life. “If I became president, I’d make everyone a millionaire. Then say okay people, now that u all rich, let’s talk abt spirituality. Who are we?” said iFani.

If I became president:

ani for president

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