Chris Brown Opens Up After Jail Release: “The person I talk to when people want me to fail…Me”

Once a bad boy always a bad boy and rapper Chris Brown just keeps on living up to that image.

Earlier this week the ‘Ayo’ hit maker was accused and arrested for assault with a deadly weapon but he quickly left the bars behind when he posted bail of $250K.


50 Cent was quick to take to social media to claim that Chris was labelled as a perpetrator when in actual fact he was the victim in the whole situation.

When Chris first made it out of jail he posted a series of videos on his Instagram basically attacking his followers and the media for painting him as a bad guy but the videos were soon deleted after their release.

The rapper has once again taken to his social media pages and well this time he posted a very short yet straight forward message alongside an image of himself looking in the mirror saying that the only person he can turn when the world is against him is himself.

“The person I talk to when people want me to fail.. He’s had my back since day 1,” he writes.

That’s My Boy…

50 Cent Believe Chris Brown Is The Victim And Not The Perpetrator

He’s had my back since day 1…




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