New Release: Okmalumkoolkat – Amalobolo Video

Okmalumkoolkat has released his highly anticipated music video for ‘Amalobolo.’ This visual masterpiece is the 2nd motion picture portrayal from Okmalumkoolkat’s critically acclaimed album Mlazi Milano, a reference to where the video is shot, uMlazi; Durban.

TheAmalobolo music video is chic, timeless, and beautifully captures the aesthetics of eThekwini. Okmalumkoolkat takes the viewer on a journey through the difficulties of modern day cultural romance and how the two often juxtapose each other. 

In a genre that has become the frontrunner of popular culture, values and tradition are usually neglected for the sake of creating trends: This Blxkworx shot video showcases the importance of culture and respect. Steering clear of the norm, the direction of an Okmalumkoolkat video showcases the beauty in simplicity. The authenticity screams at you once you are in motion with the picture, from the leading lady to the ever-present depiction of the way of life in uMlazi. This is just a teaser to the short film that will depict the whole narrative presented in this video.

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