New Release: Priddy Ugly – 02Hero [ft Shane Eagle]

Priddy Ugly drops a new single titled ’02Hero’ featuring Shane Eagle. The one thing I totally respect about Priddy Ugly is the fact that he makes records that only Priddy Ugly makes which is that authenticity we hope to see in SA Hip Hop.

The record is hella wavy and Priddy Ugly shows off his rap skills but he still manages to do it in a way that keeps the listener entertained. The star basically speaks about his ambitions and explains how he keeps it real because he is rapping for the kids that are rapping in the basement.

Shane Eagle comes through on the third verse and he critics rappers that are always talking about their cars on their records! The rapper basically explains how he is taking over without a label and he wants his homies that are signed not to listen to their record labels.

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