5 Times AKA & Stogie T Fired Shots At Cassper & Riky On Star Signs

I guess it’s fair to say AKA and Cassper Nyovest beef won’t end soon. On the other hand Stogie and Riky Rick will always fire shots at each other at any given opportunity. AKA’s new single Star Signs did not miss the opportunity to throw shots at Cassper and Riky. Check out 5 Times AKA & Stogie T Fired Shots At Cassper & Riky On Star Signs

1.Shots at Cassper’s For Talking About His Wealth And Bentlys

“Fuck this material shit
Don’t give a fuck what your vehicle is” – AKA

2.Shots at Riky after leaving Hip Hop

I remember niggas used to give up on their dreams to go do house- AKA

3.Cassper’s music is usually cited as a republica of international songs

“In an era where niggas sound so American” – AKA

4.Shots at Riky Gucci flosing

How ironic so much Gucci but no material or music – Stogie T

5.Shots at Cassper who calls himself Mufasa

Can’t get Mufasa by antelopes (no) – Stogie T

6. Response to Riky Rick say my name

I’m iconic, I on public I say your name you wouldn’t do shit – Stogie T

Get Star Signs lyrics on KASI LYRICS HERE

AKA – Star Signs Lyrics Ft Stogie T

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