Ma-E Says Lack Of Unity Killed Cashtime

Ma-E Says Lack Of Unity Killed Cashtime

Ma-E Says Lack Of Unity Killed Cashtime! Cashtime was once one of the biggest labels in SA Hip Hop before the label came to it’s demise. Ma-E recently spoke in an interview on what really caused the demise of Cashtime.

“Individual artists ended up doing their own things individually, not confirming with another guy. We ended up disconnecting,” said Ma-E. He said that the divisions in the label affected his solo career since he was about to drop his album.

The rapper went on to say that he couldn’t promote his album Township Councillor with all the negativity that was going around at Cashtime. “It was a really tough time for me. I had to stop promoting the album because people were asking about Cashtime and not my album,” said Ma-E.

Ma-E also spoke about what he learnt whilst he was running Cashtime. Although he has started his new company called Ghanda Ghanda productions, he will be concentrating on his music mostly.



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