Gemini Major Defends Da L.E.S’s Consistency

Gemini Major Defends Da L.E.S's Consistency

Gemini Major Defends Da L.E.S’s Consistency! Da L.E.S is commended for the consistency he has had in the game for the past 10 years. From his Jozi days, the rapper was able to reinvent himself and his sound for a younger audience.

A lot SA Hip Hop fans have commended his ability to stay relevant to his association with artists like AKA. “Someone said Gemini Major & AkA are responsible for Da L.E.S’s consistency in the music industry,” tweeted a fan recently and this earned a response from Gemini Major praising the Northgod for his consistency.

“No one is responsible for that but the North God himself.. makes music on a daily ,It’s crazy !!,” tweeted Gemini Major in response to the tweet.

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