SA Hip Hop Reacts To Riky Rick’s Outfit At The SAMA’s

SA Hip Hop Reacts To Riky Rick's Outfit At The SAMA's

SA Hip Hop Reacts To Riky Rick’s Outfit At The SAMA’s! Riky Rick is undeniably one of the most iconic figures in the SA Hip Hop community. With his bold Fashion sense the rapper has made a name for himself in the Fashion world.

Last Saturday the SAMA’s were hosted and they brought a number of local celebrities as it is one of the biggest award ceremonies in South Africa. One of the most notable appearances at the award ceremony was Riky Rick as he has been a little under the rader lately after his announcement to take a break from performing.

The rapper wore a controversial outfit by ChuSuwannapha which seemed more like a fashion statement to people. The outfit got a lot of attention and reactions from different personalities with some applauding the rapper’s outfit and some making fun of him.


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