Did Nas Just Enter Hip Hop’s Billionaire’s List?

Did Nas Just Enter Hip Hop's Billionaire's List?

Did Nas Just Enter Hip Hop’s Billionaire’s List? Nas is regarded as one of the legends of Hip Hop and is well respected for his diverse business moves.

For a long time the rapper had not entered the upper echelon of the wealthiest rappers like Jay Z, P Diddy and 50 Cent, but it seems to have changed with his second business venture. The Amazon CEO recently confirmed that they recently bought the rappers company called Pillpack for a reported one Billion dollars.

According to sources, the company was last valued at $361 million. The rapper has become one of the most influential Technology investors joining other celebrity investors like Ashton Kutcher. He started a venture capital firm called QueensBridge Venture Partners which funnels capital into start ups and has had a great run since.

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