Kid X’s Response To DJ Capital Saying He Isn’t Sure Of Himself

Kid X's Response To DJ Capital Saying He Isn't Sure Of Himself

Kid X’s Response To DJ Capital Saying He Isn’t Sure Of Himself! Skebedebdeb was undeniably one of the best collaborations in SA Hip Hop in 2017 which caught on later on in the SA Hip Hop community.

DJ Capital recently went on twitter to call for the remix of the hit single asking his fans who they would like to see on the remix. When he told Kid X to get his verse for the remix ready, the rapper asked his fans in a joking manner if they could believe DJ Capital wants him to take the “Bar Exam” again.

“Bro, if you’re not sure about yourself, I can find a dope, new comer who is… ,” tweeted Capital responding to Kid X’s question. “The rapper seemed not to take offence a the statement. “Lol this is an attempt to insult tick..see u ksasa,” read Kid X’s response to the DJ.

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