Cassper’s Reaction To AKA Trolling Him

Cassper’s Reaction To AKA Trolling Him! The AKA and Cassper beef has played a major role for the SA Hip Hop industry interms of the entertainment part of it.

Earlier today AKA went on Twitter and trolled Cassper saying that he once clapped him. The rapper went on what seemed like a melt down dragging Cassper and his fans in a series of tweets which he then deleted. When Cassper saw the tweets he tweeted saying that he was being baited by AKA.

“It helps to ask your elders for advice before you act sometimes. I was almost lured into a trap and I just hit up one of my OGs. He made me see another perspective. Can’t mess it up now. We going for legendary status. It’s all love and peace from here on. My purpose is to serve,” tweeted Cassper.

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