Travis Scott Slapped With Another Lawsuit

Rapper Travis Scott is again facing a lawsuit brought against him by musician DJ Paul who claimed that he stole the hook from his single ‘Bystanders’.

Paul accuses Travis of using the identical cadence and sound on the hook and added that the Antidote rapper’s performance at the 2019 Grammys used Three 6 Mafia’s hook verbatim. DJ Paul is suing Travis Scott for copyright infringement and demands the profits from the song which he “expects to be in excess” of R286 985 000,00

According to TMZ, DJ Paul has filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott over “No Bystanders,” claiming Scott rapper sampled “Tear The Club Up” on “No Bystanders” without proper authorization. On the Three 6 track, they chant “Tear The Club Up, tear the club up,” on the hook. Travis’ song seemingly mimics the refrain while changing “tear” to “f*ck.”

Earlier this year Travis was sued by certain LA event promoters for failing to tend to scheduled performances they had already paid him for.

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