10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mass The Difference

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mass The Difference. Mass The Difference is a rapper who has been in the music space for longer than most may think but rose into the height of fame when Cassper Nyovest discovered him.

Cassper Nyovest proved just how he was impressed by Mass and his single What’s Wrong With Me by adding his own verse to complete it as a perfect jam that it turned out to be.

Mass The Difference has been trying to worm his way into the mainstream position and has finally earned residence because now Cassper Nyovest offered to co-sign him and maybe drop some collaborations in the future. 2019 is by far the best year for the rapper who already has a growing fan base.

Here are 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mass The Difference :

1.He was part of the SOLIncubator Class Of 2017 on SlikourOnLife.

2.His favorite international rapper is J.Cole.

3.His greatest disappointment on his come up was when he performed and never got paid for it.

4.He describes himself as a musician, wordsmith and creative artist.

5.He produced some of the songs he has released one of them being 5PM In Hamaanskraal.

6. The silliest thing he ever done was pretend to cry when his girlfriend broke up with him.

7.He is Venda

8. He has no album yet but Mixtapes and EP’s, he has 1 EP and 3 mix-tapes. He has about 50 songs out which are available for streaming and download on various digital platforms.

9. He is also a reggae fanatic.

10.Drake inspired him to become a rapper.


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