Here’s How SA Rappers Paid Tribute To Their Baby Mommas

SA Male rappers who were blessed enough to have bundle of joys took it upon themselves to share their deepest appreciation and love to the women that gave birth to their babies.

Yesterday it was Mother’s Day and people were celebrating the mothers in their lives, showering them with gifts and dinner dates that were just too beautiful. SA rappers like many others, took to social media to pass great gratitude to their baby mommas and wives, reading the messages makes one feel broody.

It is amazing to see men passing appreciation to the mothers of their children, it is refreshing also after seeing how often on social media a great number of men always go on about how baby mommas are a stress and full drama. For a change the beauty of being a young mother was put in a positive and lovely shade.

From AKA, to Reason and JR just all the proud fathers in SA Hip Hop, they paid the most heartwarming tributes to their baby mommas.

Here’s How SA Rappers Paid Tribute To Their Baby Mommas :

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