Top 7 SA Hip Hop Artists Who Rap Best In Vernacular

Rapping in English is a common thing that most rappers like to do to fit into the modern style that resembles America and is likely to get them more fans, but as Africans we sometimes need to present to the world our own style of things and rapping in vernac do just that.

It is still an uncommon thing that most are still trying to come into terms with rapping when one spits bars in their home language and the way most people are taking pride in their heritage, vernac raps are slowly having the greatest shine at the SA Hip Hop.

The artists listed below might just be the bravest rappers in the game, by brave, it’s how they reluctantly use their languages on their raps even when it is no an assurance that the whole world might appreciate it. These rappers proven that western style domination can lose power over Africans if people just learn to appreciate who they are without imitation.

Here are Top 7 SA Hip Hop Artists Who Rap Best In Vernacular




Kid X




JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – FEBRUARY 2: HHP opening for Kanye West at The Dome on February 2, 2013, in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Photo by Gallo Images / Sowetan / Mohau Mofokeng)

Aphelele Peyana

Aphelele Peyana is a seasoned journalist at SA Hip Hop Mag. You can contact her on sahiphopmag@nine80.com

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