Black Twitter Reacts To Meek Mill’s Tweet About Performing “In South Africa Then Sliding Into Cape Town”

Apparently Meek Mill thinks Cape Town is a country on it’s own.

On a recent tweet concerning his visit in Africa a fan asked about the places he is set to perform. The rapper answered by saying that he will kick off his performances in South Africa then slide into Cape Town.

There’s no telling if he was real about being clueless on the location of Cape Twon or he was just making fun – either way it shook up black twitter with most laughing off and others not blaming him for it. In actual fact most South Africans often feel like Cape Town is not part of the country – but that’s just through jokes.

Black twitter made sure that Meek’s tweets didn’t go unnoticed, instead of correcting him they poked fun at the tweet.

Read tweets:

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