Here’s How Much Cassper Spent On Carpo’s Birthday Celebration

Here’s How Much Cassper Spent On Carpo’s Birthday Celebration. Cassper had what could be defined as an epic wild night this past weekend celebrating Carpo’s birthday.

Carpo who has beeb Cassper’s best friend for years was turning 30 on the 9th of June,the two gave partying a new meaning by going all the way out drinking and having fun at a higher price.

Nyovest tweeted last week that his label Family Tree is on pause due to the debts he has been trying to settle for the losses he suffered last year from his #FillUp Moses Mabhida concert. The bill he spent on partying for just one night with Carpo was rather hefty – which leaves one wondering if he is really in debt, but knowing Cassper he has so much going on.

“Im really killing the bag this year. If i didn’t take that Mabhida knock i woulda bought a house in campsbay this year mara dikoloto hooray!!! Oh well, soon Young Man, soon soon!!!!” wrote Nyovest.

The two bought a total of 100 Ciroc bottles. The cost of the entire celebration wa R245 000. “My Nigga lit!!!! We aint even hit the club yet!!!! Sumo gone be lit tonight!!!! I’m making a movie!!!! We breaking the bank!!!!” wrote Cassper.

Here’s How Much Cassper Spent On Carpo’s Birthday Celebration

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