Scoop Makhathini Gets Dragged Into Hlomla Dandala’s Scandal Of A Cheating Wife

Scoop Makhathini has caught himself trending on Twitter for reasons concerning actor Hloma Dandala who has recently exposed his wife for cheating on him.

Over a month back Scoop Makhathini like Hlomla took to Twitter to expose his girlfriend for cheating on him but later said that his account was hacked. The presenter wrote – “You have turned out to be the worst human i have ever met, I loathe you and to think i almost paid Lobola spits You are trash.”

On a series of Instagram rants Hlomla wrote – “When a man enters your house, gets intimate with your wife while your children are IN THE HOUSE knowing full well that you are the husband, and then publicised their pictures on social media for the world to see, What is meant to happen? Any thoughts @ chiskop?”

Both Scoop and Hlomla and Scoop are Xhosa men and the ladies that allegedly cheated on them are Xhosa, tweeps are busy talking about how they have disgraced the tribe.

See tweets:

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