Khuli Chana Comments On K.O’s #VDJ2019 Outfit

Khuli Chana Comments On K.O’s #VDJ2019 Outfit. Like most celebrities who attended the Vodacom Durban July event the previous weekend K.O came through rocking a green suit which captured the eyes of many people including fellow rapper Khuli Chana.

K.O is one of the rappers who take fashion risks at all times and always nails it to the T. The rapper owns a clothing line range Skhanda World which caters all things from tracksuits, socks and sneakers. As the passionate fashionista the rapper design some of his clothes and has shared that the suit he wore at the VDJ2019 was made by him.

Not only did the fact that he made it himself impress people but it came as a shock that he was hiding such excellent talent, the rapper unleashed the best of his work. The suit looked all kinds of fancy and bright also a play of floral with sneakers that put the look to perfection.

Commenting on the image Khuli Chana expressed his admiration for the suit. “He looks amazing….I’ve always loved his style,but this here takes the cake.”

Aphelele Peyana

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