Stogie T Receives Major Backlash For Claiming Mahatma Gandhi Was Not A Racist

Stogie T Receives Major Backlash For Claiming Mahatma Gandhi Was Not A Racist. Stogie T has caused a bit of a havoc on social media lately by going on a rant about how he feels indian activist Mahatma Gandhi was not a racist.

Yesterday the rapper made claims that on the list of people former President Jacob Zuma mentioned on the state inquiry as assassins who wanted him dead was also the name of someone who allegedly killed his father through poison. “Former President Jacob Zuma just names the “agent that laced my daddy’s whiskey with some foreign agents” he wrote.

Mahatma Gandhi was one of the names that worked it’s way into the debate concerning this week’s politics. His statue is threatened to be taken down by the by the state. Stogie shared his penny for thought which wasn’t well received by his followers who weren’t too shy to share just how they found his tweet “distasteful and misguided”

“If sovereign state decides it wants to remove a statue of Ghandi because they do not want to associate with his views as a young man, salute. I don’t neither. However precisely what made him great is that he changed these views and had an enlightenment. Admirable,” he said.

“Its important to say that Ghandi was racist when he arrived in South Africa as a young Indian man who had never met black Africans. However, once his ideas were fully formed he changed his views. Only a race bating, lazy, unthinking Neanderthal would call a Ghandi racist,” he added.

Here’s how tweeps reacted:

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