Did AKA Just Weigh In On Babes Wodumo’s Bullying Scandal Against Lady Zamar?

Did AKA Just Weigh In On Babes Wodumo’s Bullying Scandal Against Lady Zamar? Supa Mega is known for expressing his views no matter what. He has recently made a comment that might be rooted to the recent trending topic of Babes Wodumo & Lady Zamar.

Social media has been buzzing all day long with comments from South Africans bashing on Babes Wodumo for making fun of Lady Zamar. The video posted on Babes’s twitter account saw the Wololo hitmaker zooming in on Lady Zamar’s acne body shaming her and calling her b*tch. Babes has since claimed that her Twitter account and cellphone number had been hacked.

AKA made a comment which might have aligned to the situation about celebrities bullying other celebrities. “People can cyber-bully celebrities…celebrities can’t bully other celebrities…okay weird,” he wrote.

A few days back the Jika hitmaker highlighted that celebrities are not about inspiring but flexing. “99% of SA Celebrities are not about inspiring you … they’re about flexing ON you,” he tweeted.

Bhova also made comments on how one can deal with all the hate people may be getting from trolls.

“Next time someone says something insulting to you on twitter, just pretend like it’s in a language that you don’t speak or understand. It’s just words at the end of the day. Words from someone you don’t even know. No use getting upset about it.”

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