Kid Tini Drops Music Video For ‘Wedwa’ While Celebrating One Million Reach For Cinga

Kid Tini Drops Music Video For ‘Wedwa’ While Celebrating One Million Reach For Cinga. Kid Tini has always seemed to put in a little bit extra work to his music videos. Cinga became everyone’s favourite because the visualz were that amazing.

The rapper has now dropped a graphic motion picture for his April release Wedwa which sunk many hearts in warmth. As it is a love song, the rapper is shown celebrating his lover through a picnic filled with romantic vibes flying over. It is no doubt that Wedwa will also in time reach a million like Cinga has.

Speaking about the single the rapper said he wanted to try deviating from his usual strictly rap songs. He added afro pop elements to cater to an audience that isn’t entirely into raw rap.

“Everyone has that person that they miss or never got quite right with. If I said it was about one specific person I’d be lying because it really is just a composition of all my encounters with the different women.

“I was just reflecting, thinking back on what I could have done better and what I should have done. You know the usual bra!”


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