SA Hip Hop Top 50 List Gets Released, Sho Madjozi’s Position Causes A Stir

SA Hip Hop Top 50 List Get Released, Sho Madjozi’s Position Causes A Stir. It has been debated in the past whether or not Sho Madjozi can rap. When the list of the Top 50 SA Hip Hop greatest musicians of all time got released, the debate resumed.

As most people are aware controversy is a common thing in hip hop. Each day there are debates amongst fans on which rapper is better than the other. To fuel more into controversial topics is a list that has been released naming rappers who are best in SA according to the number which they were placed. These lists aren’t factual but they still manage to get people talking.

Sho Madjozi is one of the hip hop musicians who was rather unlucky enough to have her name trend in question of her rapping skills. She was placed on number 15 above the likes of Stogie T, HHP, Emtee, JR and Zakwe to say the least. Even though she won the BET award people felt that she wasn’t worthy to be referred to as rapper. Others felt that people were hating on her because they are angry that some of their favourites didn’t make the list.

Here’s the list:

Here’s Tweeps reacted:

Sho Madjozi did mention once how she feels about peope telling her that she can’t rap. She said it doesn’t faze her at all, she is her to give to those who want her music – music.

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