AKA Gets Attacked For Stating Poor Upbringing As Reason SA Men Become Killers & Rapists

AKA Gets Attacked For Stating Poor Upbringing As Reason Men Become Killers & Rapists. Supa Mega has made a point that the reason why most men from South Africa grow up to be killers and rapists is mainly because of negligence.

AKA has announced the part he is willing to play in building young boys to become better men. On the journey to make all this a possibility, he has been making points and expressing awareness of how parents or the society at large needs to raise boys better.

“South African boys who are unloved, who are told they are not worth anything, who are ignored, bullied and belittled … who have no self confidence or sense of responsibility … turn into South African MEN who rape and kill,” he wrote.

A lot of people weren’t impressed by the statement Bhova made, and educated him on how people have the ability to break away from horrendous childhood experiences and that being “evil” is a choice.

Aphelele Peyana

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