Cardi B Exposes Forbes For Releasing Numbers That Are “Way Off”

Cardi B Exposes Forbes For Releasing Numbers That Are “Way Off”. Recently Forbes released a list of the top 20 richest rappers. The list included the biggest names in the industry with Kanye, Jay Z and Drake at the top.

Another rapper who made the list is the multi-award winning rapper Cardi B who shared her views on the list. She was placed at number 13 with $28 Million. Her biggest rival Nicki Minaj is at $12 Million.

The shocking revelation from the list was that it wasn’t as accurate as it has been made to be, according to the Bodak Yellow hitmaker. She said that the numbers Forbes release are way off.

The article reported that the bar for entry is $18 million, and represents pretax income from June 2018 to June 2019 before deducting fees for agents, managers and lawyers; figures are based on data from Nielsen Music, Pollstar, Bandsintown and interviews with experts, handlers and some of the stars themselves.

Cardi questioned where exactly do Forbes get the numbers. “where do Forbes get these numbers cause they say off,” she tweeted.

Here’s the full list of the top 20 list of richest rappers.

  1. Kanye West ($150 million)
  2. Jay-Z ($81 million)
  3. Drake ($75 million)
  4. Diddy ($70 million)
  5. Travis Scott ($58 million)
  6. Eminem ($50 million)
  7. DJ Khaled ($40 million)
  8. Kendrick Lamar ($38.5 million)
  9. Migos ($36 million)
  10. Childish Gambino ($35 million)
  11. J. Cole ($31 million)
  12. Nicki Minaj ($29 million)
  13. Cardi B ($28 million)
  14. Swizz Beatz ($23 million)
  15. Meek Mill ($21 million)
  16. Birdman ($20 million)
  17. Future ($19.5 million)
  18. Nas ($19 million)
  19. Wiz Khalifa ($18.5 million)
  20. Pitbull ($18 million)

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