Stogie T Set To Showcase A Film About His Life At Cité des Arts Cultural Centre

Stogie T Set To Showcase A Film About His Life At Cité des Arts Cultural Centre. Stogie T will be releasing a film intended to showcase his by-far life journey. Taking to Instagram to share the news, he announced that it will hit the screens on the 28th of September.

“I arrived in South Africa when I was 13 and was thrown in the middle of SOWETO and told ‘this is your family, love them’. I knew nothing but ‘foreign’ lands but everywhere I went was home because of my mother. She had fed me stories of her home and they all sounded so fantastical, mysterious. Stories of inconceivable hardship, debilitating poverty, defiant love and impenetrable complexity,” wrote Stogie.

The venue to show the movie is Cité des Arts cultural centre in Saint-Denis, Reunion. The Honey & Pain rapper mentioned that the film is not just about him but also an act of honour dedicated to his family.

“It is from this strength that I found the courage to write and develop an epic poem that interweaves their intricate lives. Award winning director @tebogomalopedirects the accompanying visuals and the music is composed by legendary Roots crew keyboardist @jamespoyser on the 28th of September I premier the show in Reunion Island at @citedesarts_lareunion

“I hope to share this experience with you if you can make it and if you can’t say a prayer that my grandmother and grandfather may be honored by this performance,” read part of his post.

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