AKA Explains How Beefing Would Benefit SA Female Rappers

AKA Explains How Beefing Would Benefit SA Female Rappers. It is now the third day and the topic of SA female rappers beefing is still a big talk amongst rappers and fans.

When Rouge tweeted that she is the best female in the SA hip hop industry, AKA responded to that in a way that didn’t sit well with a lot of people. His reply was as if he was promoting SA female rapper’s beefs.

“Finally. Now y’all can also please stop pretending like you’re all friends because we know that isn’t the case. This buddy buddy sh*t isn’t gonna fly. Keep this same energy,” tweeted AKA.

When Priddy Ugly challenged his view by stating that it’s not fair to encourage women to beef when instead he should be promoting unity, he explained how it can benefit them.

“I wish your tweet was about how females in general need to support & work together,” wrote Priddy “Female rappers need to stand together and build, that way we form an INDUSTRY full of talented female artists, not just 1 or 2 bickering over petty shit. This should be about talent, & not ego.”

Bhova emphasized his view that the first female rappers to beef will be the biggest in the country.

“Take it from me, the 1st two female rappers to have a PROPER beef, diss tracks and all etc will elevate the game and elevate themselves above everybody else. Their careers will EXPLODE. Some advice, use it, don’t use it,” wrote Mega.

The Diamond selling artist went on to add on what the game is really about.

“This is the BEAUTY OF HIP HOP … we BATTLING for bragging rights, for honor for PRIDE. Let the ladies rock us!! Let’s see who’s who. THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF HIP HOP.”

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