Moozlie Shares Her Views On The Topic Of Female Rappers’ Beefs

Moozlie Shares Her Views On The Topic Of Female Rappers’ Beefs. AKA got everyone talking last night when he tweeted something which looked to promote beefs amongst female rappers.

Moozlie became one of SA rappers to share her views on what AKA said. A while ago it was suspected that she was beefing with Nadia, she even threw shades a number of times at her. Even with that, the two artists try to keep out of each other’s way which made it seem like there could be some bad blood. However, it remains a speculation made by their fans.

Mega said that SA female rappers pretend each other a lot, and that being buddies won’t benefit them with anything. Clearly The Vatel rapper didn’t receive the news too well. She spoke of love and respect, basically going against the notion that SA female rappers should beef.

“I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that “female rap beef” guys. For the most part we really got love for one another. And where there is no love, there is respect. If not for the other person atleast for ourselves.”

Mooz even went on to answer if she and Rouge are still friends.

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Aphelele Peyana

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