SA Rappers Who Dropped Successful Debut Albums In 2019

SA Rappers Who Dropped Successful Debut Albums In 2019. The year isn’t over yet and there’s still more music to come but throughout the year we’ve had artists who occupied the entertainment space with their awesome albums.

2019 has been an amazing year for most artists. More especially the ones who finally had the chance to drop their first ever albums. Considering the energy, skills, time and money it takes to complete an album – it was a great start.

A debut album is one of the major achievements for an artist who just broke into the industry, it places one on many chances to escalate the status of their brands. There’s usually no guarantee of an album succeeding but this year rappers came through. We’ve had the albums that gave the game an exciting taste.

In fact, some of these albums are nominated in the South African Hip Hop Awards 2019. The artists are nominated on various categories as well, all this proved that the work they put in was well recognized and acknowledged.

Here’s a list of SA Rappers Who Dropped Successful Debut Albums In 2019

Nadia Nakai – Nadia Naked

Flame – CandyMan

The Big Hash – Young

YoungstaCPT – 3T

Shane EagleDark Moon Flower

Aphelele Peyana

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