Sjava Expresses How Getting Into Music Suddenly Becomes A Sacrifice For Happiness

Sjava Expresses How Getting Into Music Suddenly Becomes A Sacrifice For Happiness. In the process of selling gold and winning awards reaching the peak of his career Sjava always expressed how fame was never ideal for him.

On a number of interviews the rapper expressed how he will soon be quitting music to focus more on his life and other innovative things away from the spotlight. Speaking with Slikour he said he is waiting for his contract with Ambitiouz Entertainment to end, supposedly in two years time from now.

To further dwell on his dislike for fame and how it has affected him negatively, he said that music isn’t something you choose instead it chooses you, and when it does you can kiss your life and happiness goodbye.

“You need to have a gift to make music akusiyo into ongavuka uyenze nje ngoba uyithanda you do not choose it it chooses you ubizo and trust me uma isikukhethile say bye to your life and your happiness,” he wrote referring to his single Izitha feat. Buhle on Umqhele albhum.

Earlier this year Sjava revealed that he suffered a great of anxiety and fatigue.

Aphelele Peyana

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