Zulu Mkhathini Explains Why He Left Dreamteam And Broke Up With Ayanda Thabethe

Zulu Mkhathini  Explains Why He Left Dreamteam And Broke Up With Ayanda Thabethe in an interview he recently did touching on his career , relationships and growth in the industry with Drum Magazine. 

The rapper who is also known as a model, tv presenter cited the need to be diverse and not wanting to limit himself as just a rapper as a big motivation for leaving Dreamteam.

His high profile relationship with Ayanda Thabethe surprised many people when it came to an abrupt end after they had been dating for two years. Luckily Zulu Mkhathini has nothing but good words for his ex who he credits for his present success.

Speaking on why it ended the entertainer said “We just didn’t have time for each other and we drifted apart,” He added on to say “Both of us were going through so many changes in our lives as individuals – career, personal life, so many things were happening all at once”

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