A-Reece Comes Through With A 2nd Single of 2020 Titled ‘Selfish’

A-Reece Comes Through With A 2nd Single of 2020 Titled ‘Selfish’. If there’s one artist on the roll this year it is A-Reece. After dropping a lit joint ‘In His Image’, he came through with another flame ‘Selfish’.

After few months of silence and an outcry from fans Reece decidced to deliver. In preparations of his upcoming album Paradise 2 he withdrew himself from social media, but still his music reaches fans who are always hungry for more of his craft.

The Holding Hands rapper now has three albums to his name Paradise 1, And I’m Only 21 and Reece Effect. The albums performed exceptionally well on the digital market even placed him at the top of the iTunes charts. All this has grown his fan base leading to his name topping social media trending lists even in his absence.

Selfish dropped unexpectedly – as well as one may have guessed fans are crazing over it. As usual Reece expresses his vulnerability through neatly written lyrics that carry a heavy meaning. Part of those lyrics talk about a lady then about him.

To stream and download click below:

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