Nadia Nakai Opens Up About Her Experiences Working With Cassper & Why She Named Her Debut Album ‘Nadia Naked’

Nadia Nakai Opens Up About Her Experiences Working With Cassper & Why She Named Her Debut Album ‘Nadia Naked’. Bragga shares a bit about her musical journey.

Award winning rapper Nadia Nakai has been one of the great successes in the industry of late. From winning awards to securing deals, she has done the most and still moving.

On a latest interview with People’s Magazine the 30 year-old opened about a few things including working with Cassper and her debut album. Speaking about the title of the project she said that she chose to name it Nadia Naked on the account that she is always seen as the Nadia who likes to get naked.

“I chose to name the album ‘Nadia Naked’ because people always have something to say about my body and commenting on the fact that I am always naked so I decided to play on that.

“This album is also very personal and I open up a lot on the album. Therefore, I’m bearing myself and stripping myself of all barriers that have created to kind of protect myself. So, it’s the perfect title,” she told the paper.

In addition she detailed her experiences working with Cassper who signed her as his first artist on Family Tree label.

“Patience. That is so hard to do when you think that every song you recorded is amazing and it might not actually be the best potential that you have. He helped me believe that there is a right time for everything and understanding that good things take time. That was a really big lesson that I learned from him,” said Nadia.

Her recent release is a single titled 40 Bars featuring Emtee and DJ Capital.

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