AKA Drags Sizwe And Cassper With The K-I-S-S-I-N-G Song!

AKA Drags Sizwe And Cassper With The K-I-S-S-I-N-G Song! Nightshift twitter is hands down where it all goes down because while we’re busy sleeping, these rappers are out here beefing.

The altercation between Sizwe and AKA is taking a turn for the worst as it now Cassper is also involved. When Cassper joined the group chat, things got very real and trust us when we say, the people were never ready! This is when AKA saw the chance to go in for the kill.

Cass shut down the beef that AKA was stirring by responding directly to him saying that Mega should enjoy the attention that he is getting from this stunt while it lasts.

Just when we thought it was over things escalated to a level of no return as AKA ridiculed Cassper’s lyrics for his song, Amadimoni.

In Conclusion AKA and his fans have declared war on Sizwe and Cassper and it looks like no mercy will be shown to anybody.


By Sinakho Mandla

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