AKA Reveals If He Will Use His Girlfriend In His Next Music Video

AKA Reveals If He Will Use His Girlfriend In His Next Music Video! Things are getting pretty serious between AKA and his girlfriend Nelli Tembe and the rapper is showing off his lady more and more to his followers.

The rapper shared a picture of himself and Nelli looking all bae’d up with the caption cross my heart, which coincidentally is one of his recently released songs.

A tweep couldn’t help but ask if Mega is planning to feature his real life bae in the music video for the song.

“Are you gonna shoot #CrossMyHeart music video with your real cherry?” the tweep asked.

Unfortunately we will never get to see the couple be #goals in a music video because Tembe happens to be a very reserved person. AKA also went on to mention that this is his first relationship with a non celeb since 2008 and it seems to be a breathe of fresh air for the rapper.

Not a chance. She’s VERY private. First non celebrity I’ve dated since uhm … 2008” he replied

Mega responded to a tweep asking if he has any new music videos dropping soon and you’ll be happy to hear that he is hard at work trying to give the people what they want.

Yup. I’m tryna shoot all 3 vids for the singles this week” he said

It’s sad she won’t be in any of them but we’ll just have to deal.

By Sinakho Mandla

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