Young Thug On Time It Took To Lay His Verses On The ‘Slime & B’ Mixtape With Chris Brown

Young Thug On Time It Took To Lay His Verses On The ‘Slime & B’ Mixtape With Chris Brown. The duo first teased their joint mixtape in April and now the album is finally her but fans seemed to not be very pumped at first about the project.

Chris Brown mentioned that the realese would be on the 5th of May which coincidentaly is the singer/rappers 31st birthday, making the mixtape all the more special.

Chris took to Instagram to promote their lates project saying “ME AND THUGGA THUGGA @thuggerthugger1 Got a mixtape coming soon,” he wrote.

The tracklist of the album titled Slime & B was also shared with the fans on twitter which comprises of thirteen tracks, instantly making fans change thir minds about the duo.

The mixtape features rap favorites such as Gunna, Lil Duke, Major 9 and more. What fans where more impressed by was the time it took for Thugger to lay all his verses on the mixtape.

According to the Hooka collaborator, it took him a single day to lay all of his verses which is very impressive to say the least.

“I recorded all the verses in one day” said the rapper

Thugger also shared the news on his social media and said the mixtape was “something special” for fans amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Me and my brother @chrisbrownofficial did something special for you guys since this virus has everyone down.. Hope you like it lots,” Young Thug captioned the post.

The rapper has also been hard at work on his on projects as who is expected to release his second studio album, “Punk,” this year.
The project is now available for download and streaming an all major platforms.

We guess when you’re good, you’re just that good

By Sinakho Mandla

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