Scoop Weighs In On Nasty C Saying He Doesn’t Need K.O’s Advice

Scoop Weighs In On Nasty C Saying He Doesn’t Need K.O’s Advice! K.O and Nasty C have had a complicated relationship over the years. It seems there is respect to some level but not enough to have the two rappers sit down and talk.

Back in 2018, K.O told TshisaLIVE in an interview how he thought Nasty C needed to localize his music. “Nasty C is amazing and will no doubt be a god in a few year’s time. I think he is doing big things for the country‚ but if he could somehow include local elements in his music‚ I think he would be three times bigger. I understand when people say that his music could be more South African‚K.O said.

Responding to K.O’s remarks during a radio interview, Nasty C made it known that he was good without the advice.

“No, I’ll be fine without his advice, I’ll be fine without it. I feel like if I rap in Zulu or if I do like a whole verse in Zulu, people be so focused on the fact that I rapped in vernac,” Nasty C said.

Well our article we did on Nasty C’s response came up during a recent POPCast episode and the co-hosts weighed in on why Nasty C would feel that way about an industry heavyweight like K.O’s advice.

We also have to say Nasty C’s reaction aged well considering all the moves he’s been making lately.

Commenting on the exchange, Scoop said he believes the two talented rappers feel that way because they don’t have a relationship to talk face to face.

“It’s tricky with advice, this is something I’m big on…before advising, before coming and taking someone’s direction to another way, artists need to build relationship with each other,” Scoop said.

“….that makes things a whole lot easier because if I’m young and I’m starting to become successful and an OG who has never mentioned my name, has never said anything and I don’t have a relationship with and the first time I hear this OG is them telling me they got advice for me and I’ve never heard or seen this OG tweet “congratulations” towards my direction after everything I’ve done despite me not sounding the way he wants to…,” Scoop added.

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