DJ Vigilante Complains That SA Hip Hop Has Lost Authenticity

DJ Vigilante Complains That SA Hip Hop Has Lost Authenticity. Most legendary rappers have always complained that the state of SA Hip hop has altered over the years, usually the change is always put on a negative light.

The latest artist to echo in views concerning the state of SA hip hop was DJ Vigilante. The DJ made views that SA hip hop artists have lost their originality and that the pursuit has been to sound more American.

In the DJ’s words, “SA HIP HOP artists wanna sound more American . What happened to our own SA HIP HOP sound. Remember the era of NEW AGE KWAITO ? , Era of DO LIKE I DO , CARACARA ? SA HIP HOP was at the peak because we were doing us.”

In addition he made an example of the likes of Zakwe, Okmalumkoolkat, Big Zulu, Ma-E, Khuli Chana and Kid x as the people to appreciate in the game. Most rappers in the main stream are the ones who mostly rap in English, for that reason old cats have always felt the game deviated from authenticity.

Last time out Zakwe mentioned that he will now rap in English as means to accumulate more new age fans.

“Sengizo repha ngesingisi kuphela manje. Hawu, ROOTS isize yashaya 1 Million views, abo SEBENTIN, DAAI DENG, GENERAL etc….DOLOLO….ENGLISH 1 WAY MANJE”

Aphelele Peyana

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