How Solo Wished His Wife Dineo A Warm Happy Birthday!

How Solo Wished His Wife Dineo A Warm Happy Birthday. The love we have seen developing between Solo and Dineo hasn’t only been inspirational but envious as well.

The newly weds continue to showcase the love they share for each other on social media, especially on big days such as anniversaries and birthdays. This time around rapper and producer Solo Ntsizwa took to social media to wish Dineo a warm birthday.

“Happy Birthday to my Queen, you are my greatest jo,” he wrote. The two tied the knot last year and took on a spiritual journey together.

“We are black love, rooted in black spirituality. For me, when people say, ‘Oh my God, you guys are so lucky,’ I think it’s through the guidance of our ancestors.”

What they also shared in the vows proves just how deeply connected they are.

“I vow to intentionally speak life in all you do… I vow to shine a light on the best parts of our journey… with this new signature engraved all over this ring, I vow forever.”

Aphelele Peyana

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