K.O Seeks Legal Action Against Gauteng Government For “Making Him The Face Of COVID-19”

K.O Seeks Legal Action Against Gauteng Government For “Making Him The Face Of COVID-19”. The Gauteng Government has landed in some boiling hot water for disrespected K.O by using a suggestive character for a COVID-19 awareness ad.

The rapper took to twitter to express his lividness with the Government’s choice of taking an originally animated video skit starring the Cashtime rapper and his associate Ma-E.

The rapper expressed that he feels violated by the suggestive act and will defiantly be seeking legal action against the Gauteng Government.

“What is this?!? Deliberately using a suggestive caricature of myself (and my former Cashtime associates) in this fashion as the face of COVID – NO CONSENT?! A whole GP Government! How low and unscrupulous! I feel violated and extremely disrespected… Seeking legal advice” -K.O

The video which was originally aimed at promoting an event for the rapper was turned in to a degrading advert that portrayed him in a negative manner, against his will.

However, a tweep who is in full support of the rapper’s decision to take legal action against the government posted the original video that was approximately done in 2015.

By Sinakho Mandla

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