Top Local Afrikaans Hip Hop Rapper’s

Top Local Afrikaans Hip Hop Rapper’s. Afrikaans rappers have often been marginalized in the hip hop industry but there are many hip hop artists who have been breaking those boundaries and representing their heritage in a major way.

Over the past decade, Afrikaans rap artists have made a name for themselves and have also reached Icon status with prestigious award nominations and an audience ranging across the world

Let’s look at some of the artists that have represented their heritage in the cut throat world of hip hop.

Die Antwoord

Dubbed as one of the most iconic Afrikaans acts, Die Antwoord has managed to become an international act, having performed at Coachella Festival and have signed an international deal with Interscope.

Jack Parrow

Not only has his style become a hit with the crowd but also, Jack Parrow has captured people’s interest with his witty and humorous lyrics that speak only the truth about controversial topic.


Previously Known as ‘Lekgoa’, Snotkop is considered as the OG of the Afrikaans rap game with a career dating as far as the 90’s and has gone on to win many awards for his talent.


YoungstaCPT is all about representing the Cape Town culture and his heritage, giving a deep insight on the social and economic issues that affect the people in his community and is focused on uplifting through his rhymes.


Big is the new kid on the block bringing a new sound that fuses traditional hip hop production and electronic dance music to create a new fresh new sound that can be heard in his work such as ‘Dames’.

By Sinakho Mandla

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