Priddy Ugly Explains Why People Mustn’t Come To His Defense From Twitter Trolls

Priddy Ugly shares he's not the person to be bullied!

Priddy Ugly Explains Why People Mustn’t Come To His Defense From Twitter Trolls. In the list of rappers that have fallen victim to the backlash from Twitter trolls is Priddy Ugly who has never given them a time of day until recently.

The last time Priddy became a hot topic on Twitter was when tweeps claimed that his wife Bontle makes more money than him. In the process they questioned his rapping abilities and career. Unlike most rappers who usually tell fans where to get off, Priddy remained hushed. The Egypt rapper decided to address tweeps that he is confident.

“I’m not the type of person that can be bullied, I’m too self aware, trusting in my abilities & confident in my beliefs. I wish the same unto you,” he said.

He added that : “Had to mention this because I see people feeling sorry for me when the twitter streets try to play on my name. It’s really love on this side, I expect drifters to drift.. You, just focus on moving straight. God bless,” he concluded.

To come to his defense also was his sister in law Candice Modiselle.

“Why do people feel so comfortable to say half of the things they say on this app? Is it clout? Are they projecting? Is it crack? Knowing they won’t have to account? ‘It’s just Twitter’ logic? How has blatant disrespect become such a norm here? I genuinely don’t get it,” she wrote.



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