K.O On How He Managed To Stay Relevant In All His Years In Music

K.O highlights the importance of prioritizing what benefits you the most

K.O On How He Managed To Stay Relevant In All His Years In Music. Mr Cashtime is one of the longest serving rapper in SA Hip Hop, from Teargas he managed to grow his musical career.

Explaining the secret behind his winning moves the Caracara rapper said that he was never interested in fame and money and forget that there are more important things.

A fan came forward to express how he has always admired K.O and compared him to Jay Z.

“Man I think my taste in music is sublime, since teargas I always chose K.O since back in primary before 2010
+10 years later his still standing and consistent while others fell etc. Might K.O be the Jayz of SA interms of longevity? Who else has been stood this long?” Wrote a fan.

In response Mr Cashtime shared that he has managed to remain this long because he didn’t chase fame and money.

“Focus on being great not hype. Fuck fame and money, those are bi-products of excellence you’ve already lost if those two are your sole goals,” stated K.O.


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