Nadia Nakai Shares What Job She Was Doing Before Cassper Signed Her On Family Tree

Nadia Nakai Shares What Job She Was Doing Before Cassper Signed Her On Family Tree. It’s rare to have rappers grow right straight into the game, what’s common is how rappers actually have a tough time before they start making money off of their musical interests or talents.

Award winning rapper Nadia Nakai had a simple life with far less glitz and glam before she found a home in SA Hip Hop. Cassper took Nakai under his wing and has been supporting her music career ever since. The progress has been beyond fascinating, from winning awards to attaining a  growing number of views on YouTube, Nadia feels this is exactly where she belongs.

Before Bragga became a Hip hop household name she worked as an Account Executive at an advertising agency.

Speaking of her growth in music and life, Nadia stated that she came into the game to cause am undeniable buzz.

“I appreciate the recognition of all the work that I’ve done and my accolades, the songs that I’ve released that have caused a buzz in hip-hop and I think it’s just a nod in my direction for what I’ve done,” Nadia Nakai.

She added; “I think I put a lot of weight on the people that were working with me and I didn’t believe in myself and I think that I needed to believe in myself again and trust that I am able to be the tool to my own success. And I think sometimes you can get derailed in that notion, when you have people supporting you and working with you and motivating you, that you might put too much pressure on them to make your own success. So, I was able to put my career back into my hands and really be the person that’s in the driver’s seat when it comes to that.”

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