Cassper Calls AKA’s Biceps Toothpicks

Mufasa adds more hype to his upcoming boxing match with Mega

Cassper Calls AKA’s Biceps Toothpicks. The boxing match between AKA and Cassper isn’t only anticipated by hip hop fans but both rappers are putting in that extra work doing so while being vocal. The confidence both rappers are displaying makes it hard to predict who stands more chance.

Cassper has been convincing fans that he will do to AKA what has never been to him, though there’s a price to the fight one thing that’s more at risk is the ego. To add to his provocations towards Mega, the Bonginkosi hitmaker compared AKA’s biceps to toothpicks.

Cass added that he is more looking forward at enforcing discipline than anything else.

“I really do hope he signs soon so we can get this show onda road!! I can’t wait to instill discipline!!! This is gonna be fun!!!” Wrote Cassper.

“The beauty of this chat is that we are actually going to get in the ring soon. I’ll let my hands talk the day I get a chance to. For now, have fun! Talk all you want! Go off!” he added.

AKA said whoever loses the fight must sh*t up, but also expressed looking forward to it. “Now please … no more talk about this supposed “fight” until 2021.”


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